PODCAR CITY CONFERENCES - moving Podcars/PRT ahead!

The Podcar City Conferences are an initiative of the Institute for Sustainable Transportation (IST) in Cooperation with the International Institute for Sustainable Transportation (INIST), ATRA and the KOMPASS Network to gather major stakeholders, affected by today's transportation issues at all levels. 

The aim is to have an open and creative debate on what Podcars (Personal and Group Rapid Transit) are, what the vendors claim to be possible, what communities are looking for and what critics and supporters have to say. 

Click on the flags below to learn more about the previous Podcar City Conferences!

2007: Uppsala (SE)
2007 Uppsala
2008: Ithaca (USA)
2008 Ithaca
2009: Malmo (SE)
2009 Malmo
2010: San Jose (USA)
2010 San Jose
2011: Stockholm (SE)
2011 Stockholm
2012: Berlin (GE)
2012 Berlin
2013: Washington (USA)
2013 Washington
2014: Arlanda (SE)
2014 Arlanda